Monday, May 31, 2010

Muse and angel

IMG_5643angel, originally uploaded by DVJ Photo.

All photographers have a muse. Someone who inspires them to do better, achieve greater artistic and technical skill.
Juu-Sama is one such muse. She was my first true model subject, and from the day I met her, I was enraptured.
What was so great about her is that she was willing to do anything for the sake of art. She had a very clear view of what she wanted, and trusted me to get her there. She was my first nude subject, and helped me quite a bit get over being nervous.
Juu-Sama set the bar for muses, and I have yet to find one that meets her. I know there is one out there.
You can see all of her photos in my Juu Sama collection at my flickr page.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The power of a girl, a gun, and a bikini

IMG_5343noir, originally uploaded by DVJ Photo.

I love women with weapons, as do most men. There is something exciting about a woman who has the potential to kick you ass. I think that's why these type of photos are so popular on flickr. That and D is a beautiful woman in an almost nothing outfit does not hurt either.
This photo is part of 12 I uploaded today. The first six have just some minor lighting corrections. The second six were more experiments with different kind of filters. I hope you enjoy the results.
You can see all 12 on the main page of my flickr page.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Summer Breeze

summer 110, originally uploaded by DVJ Photo.

My wife Ann is a master of coming up with great concepts.
She dug up a Chinese Dress from her Asian Wardrobe Box, and I found this Japanese fan while I was trying to find some cable for a video project.
Once Summer was made up and ready to go, Ann introduced the fan to the equation. From there it was just magic.
We did some with her in front of the fan and behind. I'm saving the in front of the fan for another week.
You can see Summer's entire collection on my Flickr page.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Amateur Hours

IMG_5299, originally uploaded by DVJ Photo.

Long ago (okay, a couple of years ago) I was just starting out and didn't have much. D was just starting out (not sure if she went very far) so we teamed up to do a whole series. So about three hours later, and 4 outfits later, we had a large number of photos.

These photos get the most remarks, mostly because she is either super hot, or because the flash and the strobe were too strong.

My answers are: yes she is, and thank you for the advice. Because if we can't exchange ideas, we will never get better.

G: Simple yet sexy

IMG_5755, originally uploaded by DVJ Photo.

G was introduced to me by Juu Sama. I'm not sure if she was going to do any modeling at first, but it didn't take long for her to join in. I started her off with something simple, the results being these.
After a while, she went almost as far as Juu Sama, but she did not want to do any nudes, so I did not press.
You can see more on my flickr page.

Inspired: Military Issue from Vogue

Like most photographers, I find my inspiration in weird and unexpected places.
Vogue is not exactly weird, but what I found inside struck me like a thunderbolt!

copyright vogue 2010

Wow! Taking uniforms (mostly Marine and Army with a little Chinese Army thrown in) and making them stylish, Vogue brought two big things in my life together, military and fashion.

The great thing about this, most of these outfits, or at least something in the same vein, Anne and CZ can do. With plenty of military thrift stores in the area, some old military items I have floating around, and a bit of frugal spending, I could get no end of mileage from just a couple of pieces.

I make this pledge, I will do a shoot something like the above pictures sometime in the next 6 months. Keep visiting this blog for more updates!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


IMG_0366, originally uploaded by DVJ Photo.

CZ is all attitude.
I say that with a fathers pride. My girl don't take crap from anyone, male or female. Her face shows her ability to kick ass, not to mention her outfit.
See more on my flickr page.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Cocaine: Series 2

IMG_5910, originally uploaded by DVJ Photo.

More edgy stuff from the land of Juu Sama.
She wanted to do this shoot, and brought the outfit. I chose this bathroom in my house because it had the right harsh light, and the confined, almost public bathroom feel to it.
The "coke" was not real. It was corn starch. Neither of us have used drugs, so I don't know how realistic this looks. But then again, we wanted to be edgy, not technically accurate.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Juu Sama: Black Lace

IMG_6464, originally uploaded by DVJ Photo.

Juu Sama and I tried a lot of different things during a two day marathon photoshoot. This was towards the end of the first day, and she was a little tired.
Still, I got some great shots. Too bad I had to much flash at the time. I was a bit tired too.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Demons in our midst

IMG_5390demon, originally uploaded by DVJ Photo.

Okay, that's not true, but sometimes, it's the little changes that make a picture.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


IMG_5907, originally uploaded by DVJ Photo.

Another set from the Cocaine shoot. Not my most popular, but one of my most controversial. Juu Sama always wants to push things, and these photos caused some concern. I agonized whether or not to post, but I'm happy with it, and I like trying something avaunt guard. Well, as avaunt guard as I can get with my budget.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cool D shoot

IMG_5280, originally uploaded by DVJ Photo.

Part of a larger shoot featuring D.
This was my first indoor "studio" shoot. To be honest, my technical skill was not on par at the time. I had no diffuser, no backdrops, and the strobe was too harsh.
I have to admit, her natural beauty over came my technical limitations (and that she wore a sexy black outfit didn't hurt). Needless to say, these photos get the most comments from other photographers, and those who appreciate the female form.
You can check out her main set at:

Summer holds court

summer 169, originally uploaded by DVJ Photo.

Anne decided to sit Summer in a chair for something new. I works well because of the Chinese dress, the wood of the chair, and the foliage behind her.
She looks great (thanks to Anne), and her natural ability really made this photo, and the series, so good.
You can see more by visiting Flickr.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Noir Style

IMG_5544noir, originally uploaded by DVJ Photo.

Trying new things is the spice of life. In this series, I wanted to try doing a gritty, noir style edit to my photos. While these are not great photos on their own, making them black and white and very dark makes them look cool.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Restricted Vs. Moderate

IMG_7251d, originally uploaded by DVJ Photo.

Like most people, we know that there will always be people who do not like (or are jealous) of what we photographers do. Today, I received an email from Flickr that said someone had an issue with my photographs, and complained. Now, I have to identify my photos as either moderate or restricted. I chose moderate, because none of my photos are pornographic.
While I do agree with making sure content is safe for young kids or sensitive adults, that should start at home. Then, a kind email asking that I moderate my photostream at a higher level would be the next step. Then, if I choose to ignore the request, the person has the right to ask flickr to restrict my photostream.
While I am annoyed, I'm not mad. I just hope that this was an honest concern for family, not just someone who is angry they can't find a model who is willing to pose like M or Juu-Sama.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

D's photoshoot

IMG_5394, originally uploaded by DVJ Photo.

One model I got to shoot based off of my previous work is D. She wanted to expand her portfolio, and I was more than happy to oblige.
We did four outfits which she chose, and tried several different ideas.

To see everything we did, please visit the below link.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My first B&W (digitaly)

IMG_5640bw, originally uploaded by DVJ Photo.

I love black and white photos. While there isn't an exact reason, I think that the stark contrast, and in some ways, the lack of color makes it more sexy. Not every photo should be black and white, but this series of Juu Sama should.
Once I get the hang of things, there will be a lot of B&W photos. They will have their own set.

Summer Art

IMG_0589art, originally uploaded by DVJ Photo.

Another stab at learning more about my photo editor, Xtreme Photo Design 6 (it came with my video editing software). I really liked how this one turned out. Sort of young adult horror.
You can see more art on my flickr page (just click the picture).

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

M's photoshoot

IMG_7255, originally uploaded by DVJ Photo.

The only second semi nude shoot I have done. As always, M, the model, was the one who suggested we do this. I prefer to let the model decide on the concept, and help them make the idea come true.
It's a level of trust for someone to appear topless infront of you. You have to be a gentleman, always. Respet the model for doing this, and never, ever ask them to do something they don't want to do.
The more I work, the more I hope to do, at the model's suggestion.

Pick up photoshoots

IMG_0585, originally uploaded by DVJ Photo.

Meet Summer, one of our pick up shoots.
You have heard of pick up games, well sometimes you do a pick up photoshoot. You are not expecting to do one, and then you happen upon a great subject, and next thing you know, you are taking photogrpahs. Very similar to what happens at cons.
So with no hair or makeup, we went with what we had. We tried her with a sword, but with this natural look, we went with a nature theme instead. We were quite happy with the results.
Check out some of her other photos on my flickr page.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Some DVJ Photo Artwork

As I am always trying to learn how to do new things, here is some edited photos I have done.

IMG_6342art2 czmf 109art


IMG_0526art, originally uploaded by DVJ Photo.

My daughter, along with her mother, decided to do a cool "Versus" inspired shoot one day. I had never photographed my daughter for anything other than family snaps, and I needed some practice. She was my first photoshoot in almost 5 years, so I was very keen for things to go right.
CZ did a great job. We let her be silly so she could relax, and the old man even showed her how to look cool holding a sword. The sword belongs to my wife BTW. Anne gave the direction, and from there, the magic happened. I even got our next model, Summer, because of our work.
All in all, I had a lot of fun, and CZ had some great pictures.
This is why I do photography.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pushing the Envelope

IMG_5899, originally uploaded by DVJ Photo.

Juu Sama wanted to do a crazy coke head killer shoot. I obliged here so we can do something that most people shy away from. Heroin Chic really fell out of favor, and the backlash was immense. I was a little nervous about posting these, but for the sake of art (or exposure, either is fine) I am posting.
My worries appear to be baseless as these are some of the less popular photos on my site. Still, I'm proud of them.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Summer Photoshoot

summer 019, originally uploaded by DVJ Photo.

Photos from my first official photshoot with Summer (we did a pickup one the week before). Ann Marie did the makeup, hair, and the costume.
Summer has a natural poise, and thanks to Annie's directions, we got some great shots.
To see more pictures on my photostream, click the photo.

Juu Sama Semi Nude

IMG_5608crop, originally uploaded by DVJ Photo.

One of only two semi nude shoots I have done since I got into photography. Both Juu Sama and M were the ones to suggest it, and I was more than happy to oblige. That is not to say every shoot I do has to have nudity, partial or otherwise, but I will not say no if asked.
To see more, visit my photostream on flickr (click the picture to get there).

The Punk War Flickr Photo Group
The Punk War is a group on Flickr I created to gather together some of the more avaunt guard photographs that are out there. While most of us photograph beautiful people and scenes, these artists are pushing the envelop, with their bizarre subjects, over use of photo editing software, and interesting techniques. Sometimes stylish, many times shocking, these gonzo photographers below are just some of the wonderful artists to admire.

rawwar : mother earth. @ The Punk War

rawwar : mother earth., originally uploaded by no para innita.

Some artwork from no para innita posted at The Punk War

EXPLORED @ The Punk War

, originally uploaded by Thru Jenns Eyes.

A Photo by Thru Jenns Eyes posted at The Punk War.

Habitats @ The Punk War

Habitats, originally uploaded by SLGPD.

A photo by SLGPD posted at The Punk War.

Desert Storm @ The Punk War

Desert Storm, originally uploaded by slavewire.

A photo by slavewire posted at The Punk War.

Celebrity Update @ The Punk War

Celebrity Update, originally uploaded by starbeast23.

A photo by Starbeast23 posted at The Punk War.

Zombies 2010 @ The Punk War

ZOMBIES2010, originally uploaded by Mike Rollerson.

This is a photo taken by Mike Rollerson, posted to The Punk War.

Friday, May 7, 2010

First DVJ Photo Blog Post

IMG_3606, originally uploaded by DVJ Photo.

My name is Matthew Anderson, and I am the founder of DVJ Photo.

DVJ Photo is my blog showing the evolution of my photography from raw amateur to, what I hope will be, well respected semi-pro.

You will see a collection of all the photos I have taken over the years. In addtion, I will talk about the behind the scenes things that went into the taking of the photo.

For example, this is Anne. When I knew her, she was quite a popular cosplayer here on the west coast. This photo, and one of my personal favorites, was part of a shoot with another model and photographer.

The reason why she is wet was because we were trying to do a two hitwomen, one rising up out of the water. The idea was cool, the execution was not. When Anne came out of the water, I was amazed at how beautiful she looked wet. Very few women look good soaked, but with her skin, dark hair, and smokey eyes, I could not resist. We did a couple with a gun, but ditched it quickly and went with this type of shot.

So, welcome to the DVJ Photo Blog. I hope you enjoy your time here.