Saturday, May 28, 2011

Black Orchid: The Comic Book

black orchid 008comic, originally uploaded by DVJ Photo.

Many years ago (okay it was 25 years), I had aspired to be a comic book creator and writer. I could not draw to save my life, so I tried to find others to help me. But as things change, I moved, they moved, we lost track, it seemed my dream to create a comic book had come to an end.

Then, I got into photography.

First, as I was learning how to edit, I took some photos of D, edited them, and called it "Hyperarm"

Second, I was trying to figure out ideas for photoshoots, I decided to pull out my list of comic book ideas, and I found Helicopter Girls. Thanks to a lot of luck, and a posting on Model Mayhem, I brought my idea to life.

Then, I took it one step further. I rendered the photos to look like air brushed comic art, and I was amazed at how well it came out.

So, once I saw I could do it on a regular basis, I decided to bring out my very first, and by far favorite comic book idea "Black Orchid" and do it as a photorealistic comic book.

But not any old person would do.

I began a search to be the physical representation of "Orchid", a retired assassin who is forced back into her old life when all her friends are murdered and turned into killing machines. I found her with Michelle (MM #2202555). Today was the first day we tested the outfit, and the results were beyond amazing. We even got her sister Amber into the fun.

So, while these are only test shots, I think they can serve as good promotional material for a comic I hope to start working on over the rest of 2011 with a release date of 2012.

So, here is the first promotional art for “Black Orchid”. Keep a watch on this blog for more updates!

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