Thursday, November 24, 2011

Model Panorama

Panorama 24Panorama25Panorama26Panorama27Panorama28Panorama29

Model Panorama, a set on Flickr.

Since July, I have been without my camera.
While my hipstamatic and instamatic apps on my phone have kept me shooting, most models won't do a "photoshoot" with a camera phone.
So, while I was editing, I accidently clicked on the "panorama" function on my photoeditor. Taking the pictures I was editing, I merged them together, and discovered that I could make old photos seem new.
Thanks to advice from other photogs, and through trial and error, I found that I really like panoramas. It's a way to unify a theme, make it look like there is more than one of models, or show all the different looks one can present.
The hardest part is making sure the two or three parts blend. Outdoors are easier than indoor, but when you have three different angles, it's hard to make them all look the same.
After 30, I thought I was done. Then I decided to do a "year of DVJ Photo" retrospect, and found I had many more to do.
So enjoy.

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