Saturday, December 31, 2011

What is Hipstamatic?

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What is Hipstamatic?, a set on Flickr.

Well, 2011 was quite the year. Let's recap!
March: I got my new iPhone, and right afterwords, I got my Hipstamatic app. This wonderful gizmo can take decent iPhone photos to something cool. As I wrote earlier in this blog, the rules of photography still apply, even when using this app. So while the app added some editing that my photoeditor could not possibly achieve, the angles and the framing is due to the eye of the photographer.
My daughter and my wife have both become masters of the hipstamatic, and both have provided behind the scenes photos.
My daughter and I also did a short faux French film with just hipstamatic photos. Later on, I got the instamatic app, and my fun increased by two.

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